An exquisite recipe with the highest quality ingredients: one part hidden valley (origin of its name), another part karst meseta range, Urbasa, and another abrupt range, Lóquiz.

An extensive territory with exuberant nature and landscapes, a large part of which is considered as L.I.C (Spanish acronym for Important Place in the Community), because of its natural habitats, flora and fauna. Both massifs receive the flow of the Urederra, with its impressive river source, and the discrete Itxako. A bio-climatic boundary with Atlantic, sub-Mediterranean and spots of Mediterranean climates. Large areas of autochthonous forests (beech, oak and Holm oak).

Traces of a long pre-history with an important megalithic site. A rich historical patrimony with routes and well marked sites.

Hotel, bed and breakfasts, hostels and four restaurants. A noteworthy local cuisine with sheep products as the central figure: Lamb, cheese and cuajada dessert.

Less than an hour from Logroño, Pamplona and Vitoria, and just a little longer to San Sebastian and Bilbao.


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